Meet Our Owner

Claudia Michèle discovered the benefits of nature at a young age, where she began conjuring up her own beauty recipes for her hair and skincare needs. From there, Allure Botanicals was developed, using plant based ingredients as a solution to maintain healthy hair and skin as nature intended. Our CEO vows to continuously brand our company's image on integrity and high standards, while keeping our customer's needs at the forefront of our business.
"The vision I have for Allure Botanicals is to not be viewed as JUST another product on the market; my vision is greater than that. I want to create a brand that empowers change and continuously unite women in the natural hair community to embrace who they are and love their kinks, coils and curls. Together, we can make a difference to impact change, so that our future daughters will forever be in love with their curly crowns."

-Claudia Michèle